API limits

API call limit

There are limits to the number of API calls that your application can make against a particular Hike store.


Call limits

Minute limit: 60 calls in a rolling 60 second window
Daily limit: 5000 calls in a rolling 24 hour window

If you exceed either rate limit you will receive a HTTP 429 (Too many requests) response with the following message in the http response body:


HTTP 429 - Too many requests

oauth_problem=rate limit exceeded&oauth_problem_advice=please wait before retrying the Hike api

You will also receive an X-Rate-Limit-Problem HTTP header with the value of Daily or Minute to indicate which rate limit you have hit.

If you encounter a limit, do not continue to make requests as this may continue to add to your limitation. The most common issue encountered is the 60 requests/min rate limit. If possible, queue requests and allow a few seconds before attempting to make another request.

Request size limit

A single POST to any of the Hike APIs has a size limit of 4MB. There is no limit to the number of elements within a request, provided the overall request size does not exceed 4MB. However, to ensure you receive a timely response from our APIs, we recommend you look to batch elements in bundles of up to 50.