Getting started

Payments API

Hike Payments API are useful for developing integration between Hike and compatible 3rd party payment terminals. This is particularly useful when you do not wish to use a payment solution currently integrated with Hike or if there are no Hike integrated payment solutions available in your region.


This document provides a step-by-step custom payment integration development guide with an example.

At the time of setting up ‘Other (integrated using APIs)’ payment for your Hike store, you’ll be asked to specify a Payment Gateway URL for this payment. With a gateway URL in place, whenever this payment option is selected, Hike will POST payable amounts to the specified gateway and wait for the response. Depending on a success or failure response, the sale payment will be marked in Hike as received or declined.

In other words, when requested to process a payment using this payment type, Hike will load the Payment Gateway URL in an iFrame. The iFrame will look just as if it were a built-in payment method in Hike, but when invoked will launch your service via an iFrame of your gateway URL. Once the gateway page is loaded into the iframe, your Hike store will communicate with the URL using Window.postMessage().


  • A hosted payment gateway on a SSL secure (https) URL
  • Failure Resilient & high availability
  • Familiarity with the postMessage() API
  • An active Hike account

Configuration steps:

  • 1. Create a public-facing payment gateway which can communicate with payment terminal directly. The gateway is to work as a conduit between your Hike account and payment terminal. We’ve created a Payment Gateway URL demo for you on the following URL: Please feel free to download the example code from this demo page.
  • 2. Once your gateway URL is ready, logon to your Hike account and go to Store setup > Payment Type and create a new payment option.
  • 3. For your new payment option, select ‘Other (integrated using APIs)’ for payment type. Allocate a payment name of your choice.
  • 4. The newly created payment will appear in the active payments list. Now from that list, click on ‘Configuration required’ link for your newly created payment.
  • 5. A slide out window will appear with an option to add your Payment gateway URL. Once the gateway URL is entered, click Save and now your payment status will change to ‘Configured’.
  • 6. Ones status is configured you will have newly added payment option in Pay slider on Sale screen.