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Unable to create or update product through API

I have a product and I am trying to update it using the below api <https://api.hikeup.com/api/v1/products/create> But I am getting this error "Something went wrong (internal error). Please try again!", getting 500 Internal server error. Sending below json in body: {"id":28411,"sku":900734006,"barcode":"10000734006","name":"BUFFALO CARSHORT 30","isActive":true,"has_variants":false,"continue_selling_no_inventory":true,"track_inventory":true} and passed this in header \`\`\` content-type:text/json Authorization:Bearer\`\`\` This is the response which I am getting { "result": null, "targetUrl": null, "success": false, "error": { "code": 0, "message": "Something went wrong (internal error). Please try again!", "details": null, "validationErrors": null }, "unAuthorizedRequest": false, "\_\_abp": true }

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Modify loyalty points from API

Hello, I'm interested to see if there is any potential for the API to be modifed so loyalty points can be manipulated via the API? Cheers, Joel

Modify loyalty points from API

Hello, I'm interested to see if there is any potential for the API to be modifed so loyalty points can be manipulated via the API? Cheers, Joel

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wow gold

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How to identify orders synced from bigcommerce/shopify?

How to identify orders synced from bigcommerce/shopify?

Latest version of the APIs / Documentation etc.

Hi, We would like to start building Hike apps and wanted to be sure of the latest version of the APIs, when were they released and how often are the APIs updated. Any do's and don'ts of Hike app development will also be appreciated. Thanks. Shipra