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wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

How to identify orders synced from bigcommerce/shopify?

How to identify orders synced from bigcommerce/shopify?

Latest version of the APIs / Documentation etc.

Hi, We would like to start building Hike apps and wanted to be sure of the latest version of the APIs, when were they released and how often are the APIs updated. Any do's and don'ts of Hike app development will also be appreciated. Thanks. Shipra

Gift Card Sales

Does the sale of a gift card get recorded as a special line item in a transactions? If so, how would we be able to capture all the gift card sales from the Sales API? Thank you.


How are refunds recorded in individual transactions? Will it show up as a transaction with negative values for all the totals and refundedQuantity will be greater than 1 in the Sales API? Thank you.

Status Field - Purchase Enpoint

Hi What does the status field refer to in the Purchase endpoint? I see most results have a status of 1 or 3, could you please send me all the possible values and their meaning?

How to call customers api.

After Authorization, How to call api to get all customers for specific store.

Integration App

Hello Team, We built an integration 99Minds Gift Card app-Let Hike merchants sell their brand gift cards online by integrating Hike with other renowned eCommerce app platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. It also allows Merchant to accept the Bigcommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce Gift card on HikePOS. Our HikePOS cloud Address: 99mindsinc.hikeup.com We need to extend our trial to test our integration. We need guidance about how to release our app in the integration of Hike POS. Our goal is to allow Vend's merchants to sell their brand gift card online to reach out to their patrons, corporates for their employees' rewards & incentives program. Regards, Pravin

API not working?

Getting nothing but 404 errors on endpoints...