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Redirect URI

Can you suggest an example of Valid Redirect URI because it shows this URI as Invalid http://localhost:48900/BC140/OAuthLanding.htm

Access Token

Following: ``` Step 3 - Exchange authorization code for an access token Now that you have an authorization code, exchange it for an access token using the oauth/token API method: https://api.hikeup.com/oauth/token client_id - issued when you created your app (required) client_secret - issued when you created your app (required) [App secret] code - Temporary authorization code received in step 2 (required) redirect_uri - must match the originally submitted URI (if one was sent) grant_type - this is always 'authorization_code' ``` Gives error: ``` Server Error in '/' Application. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source ```

Modify Product Card and Transfer

Hi, Is there any option where i can add or modify the HIKEUP Product card and integrate our api so most feilds are coming from HikeUP cloud and some are coming from our system. Does Hikeup provide this sort feature ? Thanks

Hiding notes on the receipt/invoice.

Can Any one help me with hiding the notes on the reciept, still keep notes just dont print them out or email. Thanks in advance.

Add or Update Sales

Hi Do you have any API information for Adding or updating sales. We are investigating integrating a booking system with Hike. Your Tutorial says ... coming soon Thanks Denis

Creating a Sale in Hike

Hi. In the API I can not see a way to create a new sale? We want to post sales to Hike from a web sales channel or another booking system but we can not yet see a way to do this. Is this something that is planned for the future?