Getting started with Hike APIs

Hike APIs are for developers who want to integrate their application with Hike or develop a dedicated app designed to enhance capabilities of Hike admin. Because the REST API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access our APIs.

In this guide you'll learn about basic steps for getting started with Hike.

In this section

  • Sign up and become Hike Developer Partner
  • Generating the required oAuth2 credentials for API access
  • Create your first Hike app and test out APIs with demo data
  • Learn about possible API responses

1. Become a Hike Partner

Create a Hike Developer Partner account.

The Hike Partners program includes developers, designers, and experts who build on the Hike platform. You can sign up for a free Hike Partner account by registering here.

2. Register your app

Before you can start making authenticated API calls to Hike, you need to generate the required credentials from the Hike Partner Dashboard.

Login to your Partner Dashboard and add your application there by providing your application name and Return URI and click 'Add'. This will save your app in your 'My apps' list along with its newly generated 'Developer_key'. This is a primary requirement for making authenticated calls to Hike APIs.


Developer key

Without 'developer key' you will not be able to access Hike APIs.

Now that you have your developer key, you are ready to develop your first application on Hike.

3. Get API access (OAuth 2.0)

Now that you have the developer_key, your app can talk with Hike APIs on behalf of multiple stores as long as the app is granted permission by store admins at the time of installation.

Hike uses OAuth 2.0 process for authentication and API access. In a nutshell, first step is to get store admin's permission, then access token is obtained through an OAuth handshake. The access token is then used to make authenticated API calls to Hike APIs.

To learn more about how OAuth works, see Authorization in API Reference.